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We currently have 4 state-of-the art float tanks in Float House Ireland in Naas - two i-sopod float tanks and two ocean float rooms - making us the largest float centre in Ireland.

Whats the difference between the Float pod and the Float room you ask ?

When it comes to experience both tanks are pretty much the same, both are sensory reduction float tanks, both have sophisticated filtration systems (the best on the market) and in both tanks there is 10 inches of water which is heated and maintained to roughly human body temperature. The main difference from the tank to the pod is just their shape, the float room is a cabin shape tank where you have more space above your head but the area is the same. The pod is an egg shape tank where the lid closes down just at your head making it convenient to open when you feel like it. In the float room the door opens out.
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  • Float Pod
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The i-sopod was the world’s first ever float pod. It’s still world-leading, and is the pod of choice for the UFC, the US Navy Seals, San Francisco Giants, and many others.

The pod is 8ft 5inches long by 5ft 5inches wide, even the tallest customer can stretch out
the lid is manual, not mechanised - the customer is in total control of -opening and closing so there’s no fear being trapped!

Our ocean float room is taller than our pod, allowing you to stand upright as you enter and exit. it also has a light that you can turn on and off. You still only lie in 10 inches of water and it is also a state of art float tank with sophisticated filtration system and controls.
Unit 33 Naas Town Centre,
Dublin Road, Naas, Co. Kildare,
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