Slí Beatha Float House

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Slí Beatha Float House opened in November 2016 bringing a dedicated floatation therapy centre to Ireland. It’s owned by Pat Finlay and Paddy Kearns, two lifelong friends that both discovered floatation therapy through different paths.

In 2005 Pat was diagnosed with an auto immune disease, after which he sought many holistic therapies to combat stress and improve his health. He studied acupuncture for 3 years and later discovered floatation therapy, he recognised its potential immediately and was hooked.

In 2014, Paddy - while living in Perth, Australia - was introduced to floating by a friend. His friend had been seeing a counsellor for post-traumatic stress he was experiencing from a recent event in his life. Immediately Paddy was intrigued by this concept. Paddy himself an engineer, works as a manager and director of a construction business and is regularly involved in highly stressful situations. After his first float he was so impressed with the benefits that he has now floated over 200 times around the world in various locations.

Pat and Paddy’s friendship is very deep-rooted. They were born within 7 days of each other. The two Patricks' friendship began when they were 4 years old at play school. Since then, they have negotiated all of life’s problems together both as kids, teenagers, and now as young men…!!! They have literally travelled the world together and this level of trust and support is what they look to offer as a business to their clients.

Pat and Paddy both have a passion for natural and holistic ways to improve health. They share the common aspiration to help others improve their health by exploring non-invasive methods. In 2014 Pat and Paddy decided to go on this adventure together and open a float centre in Ireland with state-of-the-art floatation tanks. This is how Slí Beatha Float House in Naas, Co. Kildare was born. Slí beatha means ‘way of life’ in Irish Gaelic and is inspired by the founders’ personal experiences and their commitment to contribute to the Irish wellbeing industry.

After a year of researching the industry and carefully planning every aspect of the setup of the centre, Slí Beatha Float House purchased two i-sopod float tanks, the world’s first ever float pod which is still today a worldwide leading manufacturing company. One year later purchasing their third float tank this time an ocean float room. Another leading float tank in the industry which is a different shape than the pod offering a choice to the customer.

 In 2016 little was known about floatation therapy in Ireland and bringing this new industry came with many risks both financially and reputationally. It took the first 2 years of business to build the awareness and the client base to make the business a success. Pat has appeared on TV on the Elaine show on virgin media television and through social media and various newspaper and magazine articles has spread the good word about floatation therapy. 6 years later Slí Beatha Float House now has 4 state-of-the-art float tanks, making us Ireland's largest float centre.

Since opening in 2016, thousands of people have floated in Float House Ireland. People have used floating to meditate and to problem solve, to de-stress, manage anxiety & depression, to help with sleep problems, alleviate jet lag, recover from injuries & sports training, to help chronic pain, and even help with habits and addictions.

At Sli Beatha we are so honoured to be facilitating the growth of this profoundly beneficial therapy and we fully support the entire Irish floatation industry and continuously encourage and help spread its awareness as a major contributor to the mental and physical wellbeing of the Irish people. 


Is to set the highest standard for the Irish Floatation industry, spread the awareness of the benefits of floatation therapy to the Irish people and make floating available for every person in Ireland.


We aim to be the No.1 provider of the optimal floatation experience. This will be made possible with access to the highest standards of floatation tank technology coupled with the friendliest of staff and the most relaxing setting. This all adds to the overall experience of reconnecting to yourself.

We understand that the atmosphere of our float houses is as important as the experience of our tanks. We aim to take care of you from the moment you walk through the door to the moment you leave and any required support thereafter.

Floatation therapy is now a rapidly growing practice around the world. Slí Beatha Float-House is delighted to be able to bring floating in style to the Irish public. We are so honoured to be facilitating the growth of this profoundly beneficial therapy.

Unit 33 Naas Town Centre,
Dublin Road, Naas, Co. Kildare,
W91 AH02